Case Study: A Safe & Successful Sale During COVID-19

Case Study:

How were we able to sell this townhome in 8 days during the COVID 19 shutdown?

In Real Estate, things don’t always go as planned. We are used to that. But facing an international health crisis and the closing of our state was something that brought challenges that we had never encountered before.

Our client had accepted a new job out of state and needed to sell his townhome. We had a plan in place before the shutdown, but our initial strategy had to be adjusted. His new job was waiting, he had secured a new residence, and the moving van was scheduled. The sale had to go on. But it had to happen safely.

Here’s what we did:

My trusted partners for home preparation staggered their visits so that no one crossed paths. Everyone wore face masks, gloves, and adhered to strict safety guidelines. We were able to have the townhome painted, professionally cleaned, minor repairs completed, and landscaping freshened up within a few days of my seller’s departure. Now that it was ready, how could I best present this property online if perhaps no one would come and see it?

I had originally thought that the entire townhome didn’t require staging. Often times with smaller properties, we stage the main living area and the master bedroom. However, as home shopping rapidly switched to “virtual,” we needed to adjust our plan. Staging the entire home offered it life, personality and warmth. The before and after pictures below capture the difference! Our stagers provided a completely touchless experience, and our photographer entered on her own to take the photos.



Just before market date, we placed a sanitizing station at the entrance of the home stocked with protective shoe covers, masks, gloves, and alcohol wipes. In addition, we implemented clear protocols that all agents who showed the home would pre-screen the buyers for any symptoms of illness and follow stringent touchless showing guidelines.

Tensions were high as we went live on the MLS on April 17th. It had been one month since the “Stay Home, Save Lives” order was in place. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew that we had done the best we could, as responsibly as we could, for both our client and for the public.

Within 8 days the townhome went pending, and successfully closed with no delays!

I have always said that in Real Estate one has to listen, adapt, adjust and perform. We are grateful to all of those who helped us meet this enormous challenge, and provide a happy ending for our seller!

Posted on June 11, 2020 at 11:46 am
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